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Freepik is a site that carries a search engine to find free and premium vector designs. A simple site where we can easily find all the vector graphics in which some are free while others are premium and need to be purchased. Today we will provide you with Freepik premium accounts and passwords to use for free in a massive list.

If you want to use free resources then you are required to provide credit to the original creator and if paying for vector graphics then there is no need to provide any kind of attribution. The resources can be used both for personal and commercial reasons. This is why we have developed a Freepik premium downloader to allow you to download images, vectors, or PSD from the website.

We cannot ignore the power of visuals it matters a lot if you find the correct image, icon and design but keep in mind that today not everyone is a designer and some might need to find elements of graphics from third parties.

For now, the website has more than 100 million downloads across various platforms.

What Is Freepik Used For?

What Is Freepik Used For
What Is Freepik Used For

Using various professionally designed templates, you can quickly create Youtube thumbnails, business cards, invitations, flyers, Zoom backgrounds, and more using freepik. 

If you create your products, such as a website or blog, you can use Freepik images as their main element. In addition to business cards and flyers, you can use social media posts, videos, and posters to promote your company, business, or event.

Even if you don’t know much about photo editing and have little time to spare, you can edit photos easily with freepik. It offers a wide range of features to make things simple for you.


Vast variety of media

It carries a vast collection of PSDs, pictures and vectors for all. We have the choice to select from many components. It is easy to find what kind of graphic or image we require. But if you don’t it, you shall still get something to fill the gap.

Earn for your work

Earn money if you are a photographer or designer by profession, submit your work on this and get it reviewed by the editor. Once your work gets approved, submit your work and earn when someone makes a purchase.


Everything on this is categorized into 4 categories; stock photos, icons, PSD files and vectors.

This further has multiple sub-categories which help to narrow down the search. It comes with a user-friendly navigation system.


Limited downloads

We totally understand if you do not want to invest and become a paid member but keep one thing in your mind that free users have the choice to register or not register with the website.

If you don’t wish to register then you have the option to download 3 resources per day, such limit increases to 10 with registration.

Only a chatbot to talk with

Many customers have complained regarding its bad customer service. We have heard that support staff if very rude, customer support is not reliable and that credit cards get charged even when a subscription has been canceled. For anyone, this can be a terrible turn-off.

Contributions aren’t that useful

We have seen many complaints regarding its model that it is not good. Many users have spent a lot of times like months in creating graphic resources just to end up earning only cents. Users say that its publishing standards are very high and a hurdle for contributors to get in.

Stock Photos

Stock Photos
Stock Photos

This yet again is a premium service, some images are free but attribution is required as without this things won’t work. We use this because this does not require us to give attribution.

To use this keep in mind that you need to give the necessary attribution. The best thing is that if you are looking for buying premium images where no attribution is required is also possible.

It carries around 7 million pictures that users can use. Moreover has 50 categories filled with images. The less popular categories shall not yield many relevant images in such a case you need to narrow down your search.


Cookies are text files with small pieces of data — like a username and password — to identify your computer as you use a computer network. Specific cookies known as HTTP cookies are used to identify particular users and improve your web browsing experience.

The server creates data stored in a cookie upon your connection. This data is labeled with an ID unique to you and your computer.

When the cookie is exchanged between your computer and the network server, the server reads the ID and knows what information to serve to you, specifically.


As we before said, when you log in or visit a site, that whole data is automatically stored in a cookie, and those cookies have all premium features what login user have. These Freedpik cookies are generated by a user who has a premium subscription. If you use these cookies, You can get access all Freedpik premium features.


  • Download this chrome extension: Cookie-Editor
  • Open Freepik
  • Click on the cookies editor icon
  • Delete the old cookies like showing below [in video]
  • After Deleting the cookies, select the import button
  • Paste the cookies what we are given below and click on import


Today 11:52 PM (India Time Zone)

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If Freepik Cookie not work, then please use shutterstock

Get Instant update and if cookie are expire please inform us, we update new cookie soon

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